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Tank separator with connecting door for 30cm

Tank separator with connecting door for 30cm

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  • In principle, this product is made to order. Please note that if there is not enough stock, processing may be required and delivery may take some time.
  • Sometimes two adjacent rooms in a hotel are connected through an internal door. This type of room is called a connecting room, and this product is an attempt to realize this with an aquarium separator.
  • This is a PVC punching board aquarium partition plate (separator) with a connecting door.
  • It can be used to temporarily isolate fish that are not eating well or are in poor physical condition, or to isolate males and females during breeding.It is also intended to allow a smooth transition to breeding behavior by using the connecting door. . It is possible to open the connecting door, allow the male and female to join together, and once spawning is complete, isolate the male again to prevent unexpected trouble.
  • The gap between the partition plate and the aquarium is approximately 1mm, so most fish should not be able to slip through this gap.
    However, please be aware that very small fish such as young fish that have just started free swimming may slip through this gap or the hole in the punching board.
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    " how to use "

    • It is manufactured to the last possible size in order to minimize the gap between it and the aquarium. Therefore, when installing or removing it, the suction cup may stick to the glass, making it difficult. Press the fixing clip against the board as much as possible to avoid contact between the suction cup and the glass.
    • Applies to aquariums with glass thickness of 5mm. If the glass thickness is 6mm, we will adjust the size, so please contact us separately.
    • The size of the connecting room entrance is 100mm x 80mm. It is possible to change and adjust the position of the entrance and exit, the position of the fixing clip, etc. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any additional charges.

    《Storage method》

    • Please handle with care as the material is easily damaged.

    《Product contents》

    • Target: Compatible with all glass aquariums with a glass thickness of 5mm.
    • Contents: 1 tank separator (Material: PVC Size: width 288mm, height 280mm, plate thickness 3mm, hole size 3mm, hole pitch 7mm), 4 suction cup fixing clips
    • Material: PVC punching board
    • Country of Origin: Japan

    " Notes "

    • Please note that the punching board is shipped without a protective sheet from the manufacturer, so there may be minor scratches on the surface.
    • The gap between the tank and the tank is approximately 1mm, so most fish will not be able to slip through. However, please be aware that very small fish such as young fish that have just started free swimming can slip through these gaps and holes in the punching board.
    • The connecting door is simply lowered by gravity. The door may be lifted by some obstacle or water pressure, and the door may escape through the gap, so please make good use of the holes in the punching board to prevent the door from moving on its own.
    • Although we have confirmed the safety of this item in advance, we do not take any responsibility for any adverse effects that may occur as a result of its use.

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