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Custom aquarium lid LUBLA punching type 450 x 300mm

Custom aquarium lid LUBLA punching type 450 x 300mm

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[ この商品は3個までご購入いただけます ]

  • Free shipping for purchases over 5,800 yen
  • In principle, this product is made to order. Please note that it may take some time for delivery.
  • This is a set of 2 sheets, each measuring 225x300mm.
  • This product is a punching board type made of PVC. Punching boards are very effective in preventing jump accidents and lowering the rise in water temperature using heat of vaporization.
  • Just place it on top of the aquarium. This is an all-glass aquarium lid made of resin that does not require a lid holder and is lightweight and unbreakable.
    Grooves are machined on the four sides of the lid, so there is no need for a lid holder, and there is no need to worry about the lid shifting due to vibrations.
  • Compared to glass lids, resin lids are more easily damaged and have the risk of deformation and distortion, but because they are easier to process, it is possible to create lids with shapes that suit the purpose. This minimizes gaps and prevents accidents such as jumping out and evaporation of breeding water.
  • The dimensions can be adjusted within the range of the product according to the size of your aquarium. If you wish to change the size, please specify in the " Notices regarding orders on the cart page " section.
  • Processing can include [knob], [drilling], [notch], [corner cutting], [diagonal cut], [splitting], and [hinge processing], and we will perform up to two processing steps free of charge (excluding knob and hinge processing).
    From the 3rd process onward, we will charge 300 yen per process.
    For processing requests, please specify in the " Notice regarding orders on the cart page " section. For details on processing and how to request it, please see "About processing" below.
  • If you order a product with a knob, there will be no processing fee for the knob. The knob installation location will be processed so that it is in the center of the lid. If you would like to install it in another location, please refer to the knob processing in "About processing" below and specify in the "Information regarding orders on the cart page" section.
  • Hinge processing costs 300 yen for parts and labor per processing, regardless of the number of parts processed. You will be billed separately from the product price.
  • The order flow is as follows: [Order reception] → [Confirm processing details and send construction drawings via Cocoon] → [Confirmation of construction drawings by customer] → [Confirm payment of additional processing costs (if additional processing is required)] → [Construction] → [Product shipping] Therefore, it may take some time from ordering to shipping.
    Please place your order with as much time as possible.
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    《 加工について 》

    • ツマミ加工を除いた加工2工程まで無料で施工いたします。3工程目以降については1工程につき300円で承ります。
    • 各加工の施工指示例を参考にして「注文に関する連絡事項」欄に加工内容をご指示ください。 長さの単位はミリメートル(mm)でお願いします。加工による1mm程度の寸法誤差はご了承ください。
    • 注文に関する連絡事項欄に収まらない場合はご注文完了後にテキストまたは画像ファイルを 宛にメール送信してください。
    • 加工例

    《 加工種類と施工指示方法について 》

    • ツマミ加工 (加工料金無料)

      [施工指示例] ツマミ加工、角Aから X:150mm Y:100mm

    • 穴あけ加工

      [施工指示例] 穴あけ加工、角Aから X:80mm Y:80mm 直径:30mm

    • 切欠き加工

      [施工指示例] 切欠き加工、角Aから角B方向に50mmを始点として、X:100mm Y:30mm

    • 角落とし加工

      [施工指示例] 角落とし加工、角A、X:50mm Y:50mm

    • 斜めカット加工

      [施工指示例] 斜めカット加工、角A、X:80mm Y:80mm

    • 分割加工

      [施工指示例] 分割加工、角Aから角C方向に Y:100mm でX軸方向に分割 、または 分割加工、角Bから角A方向に X:70mm でY軸方向に分割

    • ヒンジ加工 (加工数に関係なく1加工につき部品代と作業費の300円がかかります)

      [施工指示例] ヒンジ加工。(ヒンジの取り付け位置に指定がある場合は適宜ご指定ください。ヒンジの幅は約45mm)

    《Product contents》

    • Applicable to: All-glass aquariums with glass thickness up to 5mm
    • Size: Width 225mm Depth 300mm Thickness 3mm x 2 pieces
    • Material: Body: Polycarbonate, Knob: ABS resin / Stainless steel countersunk screw
    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • For maintenance, soak a soft cloth in an aqueous solution containing approximately 5% neutral detergent (liquid) to the amount of water, wring it out strongly, wipe the surface of the board lightly, and wait until the water dries before wiping it gently with a dry cloth. Masu. It also serves as an anti-static measure.

    " Notes "

    • Although we have carefully considered the material, please note that this product is made of resin and may be deformed or distorted due to temperature, moisture, weight, etc.
    • Please handle with care as the cut surfaces are sharp and may cause cuts.
    • Please note that the polycarbonate/acrylic/PVC board surface is easily scratched. Minor scratches can be made less noticeable by using an abrasive.
    • Please note that burrs may remain on the cut surface due to cutting and various processing.
    • Never wipe with thinner-based liquids (solvents).
    • Please remove the protective sheet immediately after receiving the product. It may not come off in high temperature environments.
    • If a knob is included, the customer will need to use a Phillips screwdriver to install it.
    • If the water surface shakes significantly due to an earthquake, the lid may be pushed up. Please take measures to prepare for a large earthquake, such as keeping the water level low.
    • This product is a lid exclusively for all-glass aquariums, so please do not use it for any other purpose.
    • Although we have confirmed the safety of the product in advance, we do not take any responsibility for any adverse effects that may occur as a result of its use.